Welcome to Krishna Academy Rewa , where we help you master the basics of computers with ease. Our Basic Computer Course is designed to equip you with essential skills for the modern digital world. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or someone looking to enhance your computer knowledge, this course is perfect for you.

  • Computer Fundamentals: At Krishna Academy in Rewa, the Computer Fundamentals module introduces students to the essential components and operations of computers, ensuring a strong foundation in digital literacy. This course covers basic hardware, software, and operating system concepts, making it ideal for beginners. Join us to build your confidence and proficiency in using computers effectively.
  • Microsoft Office: Krishna Academy in Rewa offers a focused Microsoft Office module that teaches students to efficiently use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This hands-on training ensures proficiency in creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, essential for both academic and professional success. Enhance your productivity and skills with our comprehensive course.
  • E-mail & Internet: The E-mail & Internet module at Krishna Academy in Rewa guides students through the essentials of using email and navigating the internet. This course helps you master efficient communication and information retrieval, critical for personal and professional tasks. Join us to enhance your digital communication skills and internet proficiency..
  • Windows XP Overview: At Krishna Academy in Rewa, the Windows XP Overview module provides a thorough understanding of the Windows XP operating system. This course covers essential features, navigation, and system management, ensuring students are comfortable and efficient with this classic OS. Join us to gain practical skills in managing and using Windows XP effectively.
  • Application Software: Krishna Academy in Rewa offers an Application Software module that introduces students to various essential software applications. This course covers the functions and uses of different software, helping students to efficiently handle everyday tasks and projects. Enroll to enhance your software proficiency and streamline your workflow.
  • Virus: At Krishna Academy in Rewa, the Virus module educates students on the dangers of computer viruses and the importance of cybersecurity. This course covers how viruses spread, their impact, and effective methods to protect and secure your computer. Join us to learn vital skills for safeguarding your digital environment.
  • Keyboard Shortcut: The Keyboard Shortcut module at Krishna Academy in Rewa teaches students efficient keyboard techniques to enhance productivity. This course covers essential shortcuts for various applications, enabling faster and more effective computer use. Join us to master keyboard shortcuts and streamline your digital tasks.

Why Choose Krishna Academy?

  • Experienced Instructors: Our instructors are knowledgeable and experienced, providing you with the best learning experience.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The course covers all the fundamental aspects of computer usage.

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