• May 16, 2024
  • Krishna Academy Rewa
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Learn Graphic Design at Krishna Academy Rewa

At Krishna Academy, students dive into graphic design, exploring creativity in a supportive environment. we will learn various aspects like color design, logo creation, visualization, and typography. Join us to unleash your artistic potential and master the skills needed for a successful career in graphic design. Welcome to a world where imagination meets innovation at Krishna Academy!



What Will You Learn Here

Color Design

At Krishna Academy, students delve into the fascinating world of color design, where they explore the psychology and harmony of colors. Through hands-on exercises and theoretical insights, they learn how to effectively use color to evoke emotions and create visually appealing designs. With practical skills and creative thinking,

Logo Design

At Krishna Academy, students master the art of logo design, learning to create distinctive and memorable brand identities. Through practical exercises and expert guidance, they develop the skills needed to design logos that effectively communicate a brand’s essence and values.


At Krishna Academy, students engage in visualization design, mastering the art of transforming concepts into compelling visuals. Through practical exercises and creative exploration, they develop the skills to convey ideas effectively through imagery, enhancing communication and storytelling abilities.

Concept Of Design

At Krishna Academy, students explore the fundamentals of design concepts, learning essential principles for effective visual communication. Through practical examples and expert instruction, they grasp concepts like balance, contrast, and alignment, enabling them to create impactful and visually pleasing designs. Join us to unlock the secrets of successful design at Krishna Academy!

Social Media Post

At Krishna Academy, students delve into designing social media posts, mastering techniques to create engaging content. Through hands-on practice and expert guidance, they learn to craft visually appealing posts that effectively communicate messages and captivate online audiences. Join us to hone your skills and make a mark in the digital world!


At Krishna Academy, students immerse themselves in typography, mastering the art of arranging and designing text. Through hands-on exercises and expert instruction, they learn to choose and manipulate fonts to create visually appealing and readable designs. Join us to explore the fascinating world of typography and elevate your design skills


At Krishna Academy in Rewa, our Graphic Design course teaches students the key skills and creative techniques needed for success in visual communication. With training in color design, logo creation, visualization, flyer design, social media posts, and typography, students are ready for successful careers in graphic design. Join Krishna Academy to unleash your creativity and become a skilled graphic designer who makes a big impact in the industry.

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