Mr. Devendra Tripathi

Devendra Tripathi, a seasoned professional with a B.E. in Computer Science, brings over 10 years of experience as a digital marketing expert, WordPress developer, and web designer, ensuring comprehensive proficiency in the digital realm. Our offerings include Basic Computer Course, where you'll grasp fundamental computer knowledge. Unlock the world of finance with Tally Mastery, ensuring proficiency in accounting software. Prepare for the competitive world with our Cpct Training and certification, enhancing your computer proficiency. Dive into the dynamic realm of digital marketing through our Professional Courses, equipping you with strategic online marketing skills. Explore the art of Web Designing, where you'll learn to craft visually appealing and functional websites.


Devendra Tripathi stands as a cornerstone of Krishna Academy Rewa, a premier Computer Education Institute renowned for equipping students with cutting-edge skills in the digital realm. With a robust educational background and a profound passion for technology and digital literacy, Mr. Tripathi has established himself as an adept educator and innovator in the field.

Professional Journey

After earning his degree in Computer Science, Mr. Tripathi dedicated himself to mastering a diverse range of technical disciplines. His expertise spans Basic Computer Courses, Tally Mastery, CPCT Training and Certification, Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Computer Hardware, WordPress, Blogging, and Graphic Designing. Each of these areas is crucial in the digital age, and Mr. Tripathi’s comprehensive knowledge ensures that his students receive a holistic education.

Teaching Philosophy

Mr. Tripathi’s teaching philosophy revolves around practical application and hands-on experience. He believes that true mastery in technology comes not just from theoretical knowledge but from the ability to apply skills in real-world scenarios. This approach has made Krishna Academy Rewa a nurturing ground for students who aspire to excel in various tech-driven industries.

Contributions and Impact

Under Mr. Tripathi’s guidance, Krishna Academy Rewa has flourished, becoming a beacon of learning that attracts students from diverse backgrounds. His initiatives in integrating digital marketing and web technologies into the curriculum have notably broadened the scope of career opportunities available to graduates. Moreover, his dedication to staying abreast of industry trends ensures that the curriculum remains relevant and impactful.

Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Mr. Tripathi is committed to expanding the academy’s offerings and embracing emerging technologies that shape the future of education and industry. His goal is not only to educate but also to inspire his students to become innovators and leaders in their fields.

Join Us

Join Mr. Devendra Tripathi at Krishna Academy Rewa to transform your passion for technology into a thriving career. Whether you are starting from the basics or looking to refine your skills, here you will find the guidance, resources, and community you need to succeed in the fast-evolving digital landscape.

Professional Skills

Basic Computer Course 92%
Graphic Design Course 84%
Tally ERP.9 89%
Web Development Course 90%
Cpct Training 86%
Digital Marketing Courses 96%
Computer Hardwere Courses 74%
Blogging 81%
Coding Knowledge 86%