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Krishna Academy Rewa offers courses in Basic Computer Skills, Tally Mastery, CPCT Training and Certification, Digital Marketing, Web Designing, WordPress, Blogging, and Graphics Designing.

The CPCT Training and Certification course at Krishna Academy Rewa is designed to train individuals in computer proficiency, which is essential for various governmental and clerical positions.

The Tally Mastery course at Krishna Academy Rewa focuses on accounting and helps students master Tally software, which is widely used for business accounting purposes.

The Web Designing course at Krishna Academy Rewa teaches students how to design appealing and functional websites using various design tools and programming languages.

The Digital Marketing course at Krishna Academy Rewa aims to equip students with skills to market products and services online effectively using digital channels, strategies, and tools.

The WordPress course at Krishna Academy Rewa helps learners create and manage websites using WordPress, which is a popular content management system known for its ease of use and flexibility.


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