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Krishna Academy rewa is Best Computer Training Institute in rewa Which provide basic and Professional Computer Courses.

Krishna Academy Rewa equips students with top-notch education through expert instructors and advanced facilities.

Join our computer education institute for a promising future in technology. Embrace a brighter future with us!


Krishna Academy Rewa is Best Computer Training Institute in rewa Which provide basic and Professional Computer Courses.

At Krishna Academy Rewa, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier educational services, ensuring each student achieves academic excellence. Our comprehensive curriculum, tailored to foster intellectual growth and critical thinking, is taught by expert educators committed to nurturing potential. With state-of-the-art facilities and a supportive learning environment, we empower students to succeed in their studies and beyond. Join us at Krishna Academy Rewa, where education meets innovation and every student thrives.

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Modern Eduction Facilities

Ensuring access to modern eduction facilities such as well-equipped classrooms, and technology resources to enhance the learning experience.

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Qualified Teacher's

Qualified teachers possess deep subject knowledge, effective teaching strategies, and a commitment to student success and continuous professional development.

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Education Certificate Courses

Krishna Academy Rewa offers education certificate courses designed to advance careers, with expert instructors focusing on practical skills and industry relevance

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Other Educational Services

Other Educational Services in Computer IT: Tech support, online courses, coding bootcamps, software training, and IT consulting for learners.


Explore the Advantages: Our Rewa Training Institute's Unique Features

Free Wi-Fi Access During Classes in Rewa

Computer Skills for All Ages: Start Learning Now

Our Cutting-Edge Computer Lab Facilities

Dedicated Teachers for Sporting Students

Our Courses

We are provide education solutions to our valuable students.

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Basic Computer courses at Krishna Academy Rewa teach essential skills from typing to software management, empowering beginners for Digital.

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Master financial management with Tally ERP 9 training at Krishna Academy Rewa, enhancing skills in accounting, inventory management, and compliance.

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Our Website Designing Course at Krishna Academy Rewa covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and UX principles to craft stunning, functional websites.

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Join our Digital Marketing Course at Krishna Academy Rewa to master SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing strategies effectively.

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CPCT training at Krishna Academy Rewa prepares students for certification with comprehensive practice in typing, IT skills, and government exam readiness.

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Explore creative possibilities with our Graphics Design Course at Krishna Academy Rewa, focusing on Adobe Suite, layout techniques, and branding.

Why Choose Us

Pioneering Excellence: Charting a Course with the Best Computer Education Institute

Pioneering Excellence: A Course with the Best Computer Education Institute at Krishna Academy Rewa. Here, students engage in advanced computer studies, learning from seasoned experts in fields like software engineering, AI, and cybersecurity. Our modern facilities and commitment to real-world skills prepare graduates for successful careers in technology.


First Growing Eductional Process

The First Growing Educational Process focuses on accelerated learning techniques, fostering rapid intellectual growth and skill development in students.


The heart of our development focuses

The heart of our development focuses on community empowerment, sustainable practices, and fostering innovation to drive impactful, long-term growth.


Well Documentation

Well documentation ensures clarity, consistency, and comprehensiveness in information, facilitating easier maintenance, updates, and collaboration in various projects.

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    What Student's Saying

    What Students Are Saying at Krishna Academy Rewa: Testimonials praising our supportive environment, expert faculty, and career-focused education.


    Graphic design course available with the best software like :- Photoshop, coral draw etc. I learn all the software and do every types of graphic in Krishna academy rewa.

    Anurag Mishra

    “The environment at Krishna Academy is very welcoming and conducive to learning. Their focus on practical skills alongside theory is what sets them apart. I highly recommend their courses to anyone looking to excel in computer science.”

    Anita Singh

    “I was particularly impressed with the hands-on training approach at Krishna Academy Rewa. The projects and assignments were directly related to real-world applications, which greatly enhanced my understanding and skills.”

    Vikas Pandey

    “As a woman entering the tech field, I felt fully supported and encouraged at Krishna Academy. The faculty are not only experts in their field but are genuinely committed to student success.”

    Sanjay Singh

    “What I appreciate most about Krishna Academy Rewa is their state-of-the-art facilities and software. They offer a range of courses that are perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their skills or start a new career in technology.”

    Reena Yadav

    The career support at Krishna Academy Rewa was fantastic. They helped me prepare for interviews and improve my resume, which made a huge difference when I was job searching.”

    Preeti Chauhan

    “Krishna Academy doesn’t just teach you to program; they teach you to think like a programmer. This holistic approach has been invaluable in my career development.”

    Jayesh Tiwari

    “I completed the Web Development course at Krishna Academy Rewa and was amazed at the depth of knowledge I gained. The instructors are passionate about what they teach and always available to help.”

    Shubham Mehra

    “The flexibility of course timings at Krishna Academy Rewa allowed me to balance my studies with my part-time job. This made it possible for me to pursue further education without compromising on my responsibilities.”

    Lakshmi Tiwari