GMB Listing Essentials

Creating a Google My Business (GMB) listing is essential for enhancing your local online presence. Here are the important documents and information you’ll need to successfully create and verify your GMB listing:

Required Information

  • Business Name: The official name of your business as it should appear in the listing.

  • Address: The physical address of your business. If you don’t have a storefront and operate as a service-area business, you’ll need to specify the service areas instead.

  • Phone Number: A direct phone number where customers can reach your business.

  • Website URL: Your business’s website URL if you have one.

  • Business Category: The category that best represents your business. You can add secondary categories if applicable.

  • Description: A brief description of your business, services, and products.

  • Hours of Operation: Your business’s operating hours.

Recommended Information

  • Photos: High-quality images of your business, including the storefront, interior, products, team, and any relevant aspects that showcase your business.
  • Logo: Your business logo for brand recognition.
  • Cover Photo: A cover photo that best represents your business.
  • Attributes: Specific attributes that your business offers (e.g., free Wi-Fi, wheelchair accessible, etc.).
  • Opening Date: The date your business was established or will open.

Verification Documents

To verify your GMB listing, you may need one or more of the following documents, depending on the verification method:

  • Utility Bill: A recent utility bill showing the business address.
  • Tax Document: A tax document that shows the business name and address.
  • Business License: A copy of your business license with the name and address.
  • Rental or Lease Agreement: A copy of the rental or lease agreement for the business location.
  • Articles of Incorporation: For incorporated businesses, documents that show the business name and address.

Verification Methods

  • Postcard Verification: Google will send a postcard to your business address with a verification code.
  • Phone Verification: Google may offer phone verification, where a code is sent via phone call or text message.
  • Email Verification: In some cases, you can verify via email.
  • Instant Verification: If you have already verified your business with Google Search Console, you may be instantly verified.
  • Bulk Verification: For businesses with multiple locations, you may qualify for bulk verification.

Steps to Create a GMB Listing

  • Sign in to Google My Business: Go to Google My Business and sign in with your Google account.
  • Add Your Business: Click “Manage now” and enter your business name.
  • Enter Business Address: Provide your business address or service areas.
  • Choose Business Category: Select the most appropriate category for your business.
  • Add Contact Information: Enter your business phone number and website URL.
  • Finish and Verify: Complete the setup process and choose a verification method.

By having these documents and information ready, you can ensure a smooth and efficient process for creating and verifying your Google My Business listing.

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